Working with her for the past year and a half and has been awesome! She is fast, friendly and checks in with myself and my business frequently. Being featured on this site gives us an amazing opportunity to get in front of our target-audience and show them what we have to offer. West Valley moms are always looking for fun things to do with their kids and her blog provides an in-depth view of what the valley has to offer. We are so appreciative of everything you do for us!




I’m not sure how I lucked out by finding her, but I’m grateful that I did. She was a pleasure to work with. A large portion of the people that come into my center have heard about me through this site. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting your new business name out there and always has an idea to share that I never would have thought of. I look forward to continued success with her at my side.




It has been a pleasure to work with her from this site!  She very responsive, a great journalist and wonderful to work with.




She was a wonderful person to partner with in advertising my business. She organized my posts efficiently and made sure they all went out on time. I received several inquiries and successful referrals from her site and social media groups. I would highly recommend her for any advertising needs!




Working with her has been a wonderful experience. She is organized and a strong communicator. She went above and beyond with her post about Sweet Tomatoes, including wonderful photos of her experience at our restaurant. She is always so pleasant and upbeat and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!